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Advice on Aerating

Lawns like to breath and walking or playing on them will, over time, compact the surface. In the summer months even mowing will compact the surface, particularly if we have a warm wet summer and the grass needs frequent cutting.

To combat this effect aerating the lawn every 2 or 3 years will help to give a good healthy lawn. This aeration is best carried out after scarification (de-thatching).

Jackson & Gocher Hire Centre have a powered drive, petrol engine hollow tine aerator with rotary hollow tines. These machines cover a lot of ground reasonably quickly so it is quite feasible to do a large area with a one day hire.

How to aerate for the best results:

  • This is best done in the spring or autumn every 2 or 3 years
  • Wait for a day when the ground is fairly firm to walk on. It should be damp but not too soggy that the machine damages the lawn or so dry that the tines will not sink in to hard soil
  • The hollow spikes are pre-set so that they will punch holes into the turf about 20mm (¾) in diameter and 40mm (1″) deep
  • Aerate the lawn one pass over an area will usually be sufficient
  • The aerator will leave plugs of soil on the lawn where it has cut the holes. These can be brushed up or collected using a mower and then composted
  • It is not necessary to re-fill the holes though they can be using a low nitrogen fertiliser mixed with lawn sand which can be spread using the back of a rake

The use of fertilisers or lawn sand is not our area of expertise and information on these is best obtained from a horticulturalist at your local garden centre.

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