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Cement Mixers

Having been in business for over the last 40 years, we have built up a good reputation for offering some of the highest quality tools and machinery in Surrey and further afield. Along with some of the best industry machinery, we can also offer you cement mixers. Perfect for any construction project you are working on, we have a whole host of different equipment. For example, we have small mixers, revolving drum options and different capacity mixers to choose from.

Here at Jackson & Gocher, we don’t pretend to be the cheapest on the market, but we will always find your high-quality equipment and at a competitive price.  Aiming to always stay one step in front of our high street competitors and provide our clients with the right equipment.

Most of our customers have been coming to see us for their tools and equipment for years, decades for some loyal clients. We hope in the future when you are searching for cement mixers and concrete mixers you will do the same. So, why not give us a ring and see how we can help you, contact us on 01483 527000.

What Is A Cement Mixer

Also known as concrete mixers, cement mixers are a robust and large addition to any construction site collection. Its function is very simple, it mixes water, sand and gravel to provide you with large quantities of cement and concrete. Cement and concrete mixers have developed over the years, founded so they could replace the traditional methods of mixing by hand, making it much easier to make large quantities of cement.

Cement mixers provide enough cement at a time that it is perfect for the construction industry, you can use it for concrete slabs, wall-buildings, foundation casts, fencing and much more. A great machine to make hard work seem just that little easier. You can get a wide range of cement mixer options, such as; paddle mixers, stand mixers, and mortar paddle mixer brands.

All of the mixers we provide carry out a range of services and are suitable for all construction needs.

If you are only carrying out a small amount of work that you need cement or concrete for, you can get portable mixers, perfect for contractors who have a smaller workload than large corporate companies or a home DIY project.

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Drum Sizes and Design

The drum and paddle construction quality is the most important factor when buying a portable cement mixer. Drum sizes vary from as small as 50 litres up to 170 litres and are more difficult to buy than a standard 50 litres.

The higher the quality and tougher the drums and paddles the longer they last, the longer the mixer as a whole will last. You can choose whether you need the smallest or largest size of a cement mixer, but both will always carry out any mixing you need for the services you offer. If you accept large jobs, a larger mixer with a large max load is for you, and vice versa, if you are just looking for a cement mixer for home DIY, go for a small barrel mixer.

Electric or petrol Concrete Mixers?

Portable cement mixers can be driven by electricity or petrol. Both require a power supply and can be used on sites and in locations that don’t have power. Electrical and petrol powered mixers require no power supply. Hand driven mixers are the most common type of portable mixers available in the UK and are often hand driven by hand.

Here at Jackson & Gocher, we have both electric and petrol cement mixers in stock.

Mixing Concrete - How To?

If you have purchased your cement mixer, you should have an idea of what it is you are working on. For example, if you are mixing cement for a wall, or to install fence posts. One of the most common cement mixes is one part cement, two parts sand and three parts aggregate. Remember if you are using combined aggregate, this should be made up to the ratio of one part cement to four parts aggregate.

Into your machine load half of the mix, switch on the mixer and give it what is known as a dry mix. Do this for a few minutes, this loosens the powders and allows for a smoother cement. Once you have completed that, you can start adding the water, do this until the mix is smooth. From there you can add the mix that is left, keep the mixer running until everything is combined properly. This process is made much easier by paddle mixers, they break down any lumps left over.

Once the mix has finished turning, and everything is combined to a standard you are happy with, stop the machine and use a small amount to test the consistency. Ensure it is right for the job you are doing. From there you can bring your wheelbarrow over the machine and tip the cement in, a top tip from our team here at Jackson & Gocher, keep the cement mixer running whilst you do this, it will allow for all of the mixes to come out the machine easily.

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Mixers For Any Construction Site Or Customer At Jackson & Gocher

If you have been searching for high-quality cement mixers or concrete mixers then you are in the right place. Here at Jackson & Gocher we only offer the highest quality machinery and accessories in Surrey and the surrounding areas. With a range of cement mixers, all falling into different categories we are sure you will find something that works perfectly for your construction project.

Having worked in tool hire and equipment for over 40 years we can confidently say you won’t find a team with knowledge or expertise like ours. So if you are stuck on which machine is the right one for your cement or mortar, give us a call today. We are always more than happy to discuss your questions or questions and help in any way we can.

To find out prices and delivery costs be sure to get in touch with the team at Jackson & Gocher today, we promise you will come back to us over and over again for machinery.

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